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Terms & Conditions management, simplified.

Managing multiple terms & conditions documents can be difficult, frustrating and extremely time consuming.  We’re changing that with our dedicated terms & conditions management software.


Why Termskit?

Update Easily

Updating your terms & conditions is a breeze with the help of global blocks. Update key information once and it is reflected in every document where that block it is used.

Reduces the time it takes to update multiple documents.

Keep Track

Easily monitor changes that have been made to any document. View who made the change and when.

With version control your documents will automatically update the version (if required) once an edit has been made.

Create Quickly

Reduce the time it takes to create new terms & conditions documents with Termskit.

Reuse existing blocks to create new documents fast or simply drag and drop pre-formatted blocks into your document.

Global Blocks

Global blocks make it easy to update information. Change once and it is updated everywhere.

Saved Blocks

Save blocks as templates to use in any document. 


Drag and Drop

Easy drag and drop interface to create and update documents. 

Add Logos

Add logos to your terms and conditions documents. 


Layout Selector

Switch layouts quickly and easily using the selector. 

Print Ready PDFs

All PDFs are create print ready, download the high resolution file.


Auto Version Control

Termskit offers automatic version control to ensure every change is recorded. 



All connections are encrypted and stored on secured servers.

Cloud Based

Accessible from anywhere with no software to download and install.

Try Termskit

See how easy managing your Terms & Conditions documents can be with Termskit.

You caught us before we're ready.

We are working hard to finish off Termskit.  It's going really well, we should be ready very soon.  If you'd like to be notified when we're ready please enter you email address below.

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